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August 12, 2013
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R-D: Andrea App by MsSpork R-D: Andrea App by MsSpork
I hope this isn't horribly long, I kind of went over board with how much I like Andrea and the people surrounding her..

I love Rabbit Doubt so I thought this group would be perfect! Now to wait for the opening and hope I get in! Also I hope it's okay that I made her a foreigner! The explanation for why she's in Japan is in her history! Also warning for suicide in the bio.



† Name: Andrea K. Penington
† Alias: † Cross* *See history for reason and explanation
† Age: 19
† Height: 5'8'' (152 cm)
† Birthday: November 12th
† Gender: Female
† Sexuality: Pansexual

† Weapon Choice:
The broken legs off a desk. Sharp and made of a study metal, they get the job done for the most part. Generally only uses one at a time, keeping the other tied around her waist. (When she's prepared to fight and isn't caught off guard, she takes her cardigan off and ties it around the waist as a holder for her desk legs) She only has two, seeing as all four would be too hard to carry and one didn't feel like enough.

† Opinion On What Is Happening:
Andrea feels pensive towards the game. It was terrifying at first, but as time passes she's growing goals. She would much rather be back at home swaddled in a nice blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, but she's not and nothing's going to change that. She's always been good at adapting with the changing tides, keeping her head through horrible experiences, and is going to work to the best of her ability to get through this. She just wants to get out alive and save as many people as she can. While her personality may cause her to come off slightly care free or uninterested, her hearts in surviving this thing.

† Relationship's:
Daniel Penington
Andrea's younger brother who traveled with her to Japan. The two are very close, Andrea looks at him almost like her child more than exactly as her younger brother. She loves him with everything she has. He's one of the few people she shows all her emotions too--never hides anything from him. Andrea has no secrets towards her Daniel, and she believes he shares the feeling in return.

Ren Mori
The only person from Japan she's close with. Her and her brother were staying with him while they were in the country. He's a laid back, quiet man and that's fine by her. They got along well, he's interested in her music. The two have been exchanging letters, e-mails, instant messages and phone calls for years before this trip was arranged. He was excited to see Andrea, and likes her younger brother. They're comfortable around one another. Ren is skilled with the piano. They might be on best friend status if Andrea awarded people that title.

People in general
Andrea has a habit of being closer with men than women. It's not that she's after a relationship or has anything against women (she loves girls), she just has a select number of female friends. In her experience, women want to get to know you while men are alright with secrets being had and not getting too personal. When she does get to know someone, she's very protective of them. None more than her younger brother, but especially in a game like this--she'd kill for her friends.

† Personality:
Laid back | Calm | Adaptive | Caring | Secretive | Ruthless | Protective
Her default personality is calm and caring. She's a laid back woman who generally goes with the flow. Andrea is not trusting until she gets to know someone, and even then her defenses are still up. In terms of violence and fighting, she'd rather keep things civil. But if it comes to defending herself, or there's no other option but to fight--she doesn't hold back. A good thing to relate her to would be a mother bear.

† Likes:
➝ Music
➝ Writing songs
➝ Her little brother
➝ Root Beer
➝ Pianos
➝ Science fiction movies/books/television shows (big star wars + star trek fan)
➝ Sleeping

† Dislikes:
➝ Bringing up the past
➝ Avocados
➝ Others hurting someone she's protecting
➝ The color green

† History:
Andrea grew up in America. She was raised in California as a child, until circumstances caused her to have to move over to New York, then back for Cali. Her mother was a poor woman who always tried to do the best for her children. Andrea was a teenage pregnancy, and her younger brother was just a bad mistake. Poverty hit them hard, a high school drop out trying to raise two kids was too tough. The ridicule her mother received from having two children by herself at such a young age was too much for the young woman to bear. She fled the state of California with her children in hand and headed for New York. She wanted to be as far away from the shame as she possibly could without having to leave the country.

Things went well for some time. Their money situation didn't improve, but they were away from the whispering stares of the people from their old town. When Andrea was nine years old, it all came back. But in a different way.. The nine year old girl had a mouth. She didn't have a filter for said mouth either. She would tell everyone all their personal business and leak secrets like a wild fire ripping through a dry area. Everyone found out about her Mothers situation, and learned some nasty secrets about other mothers in their neighborhood. Families turned on the single mother, and the ridicule was back. Accusing her of being a horrible woman who couldn't teach her children right or wrong, that it was to be expected from someone as lose as her--who would have a child when they were fifteen years old then have another four years later? Andrea's mother couldn't handle it.

During her tenth year of being alive, Andrea's mother called her brother back in California sobbing. She told him he'd have to watch her kids, before ending her own life while her children were out playing at the park.

Andrea and her brother were bounced back to California. The child who was once bratty and snobby without a filter on her mouth, locked up tight. Adults blamed her from behind closed doors, saying if the young girl had been able to keep her mouth shut--her mother would still be alive. From then on Andrea adapted a more laid back personality. She didn't allow herself to become angered by small things, instead she rolled with them and allowed people to do as they pleased. Life goes on even after tragedy. When something was put into play that couldn't be stopped, there wasn't much to do besides adapt. She was good at adapting. She was given the nickname Cross because people labled her as a double crosser and her obsession with crosses (seen on her earrings).

She began to keep secrets. It was hard to get anything out of her, as she grew to be a skilled liar. The only one she never lied to was her baby brother. The two were close despite the age gap. Andrea adored her brother and treated him as her own. Their Uncle was not cold to them, in fact he was the only adult who loved and protected them. But they didn't trust anymore. Others opinions caused their mother to end her life.

As she grew older, she took interest in many things. Languages, self expression--but none more than music. Music is her life. She was gifted with a singing voice that she's been training since she was thirteen. Andrea loves singing, writing songs. It's a way to get things out without spilling a secret. Expressing herself. She's written many songs about her Mother. Music is her escape and where she can let lose. It causes what would be a very up tight and cold woman to be the laid back and calm young girl she is now.

A few months ago Andrea contacted her pen pal Ren about traveling to Japan. Being fond of languages, she would be able to navigate the foreign country easily.
Andrea couldn't leave her brother behind, though. She took him along, with their Uncles permission, and they've been staying with Ren in his apartment. Andrea was looking into moving into the area when a strange game popped up on the new cell phone she bought. She didn't see a problem with playing it at all, and hit start.

† Other:
Character Songs ↙
Fight Like a Girl - Emilie Autumn
Numb - Oh Land
This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco
We Want Them Young - Emilie Autumn

Voice ActressMatsui, Naoko
(Voice Samples) |

Andrea © Me
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